Avalanche Prediction: Can AVAX Be The Next Ethereum?

High Scalability & Low Costs


Avalanche is designed to be compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, which means developers can easily transfer their dApps from one blockchain to another. In fact, stablecoin exchange Curve and lending protocol Aave are two of the most popular DeFi platforms on Ethereum, and both went live on Avalanche in October, giving investors a way to access services faster and cheaper.

These Features Could Accelerate AVAX Adoption

In short, Avalanche is fast, cheap, and compatible with Ethereum. Over the past year, this value proposition has fueled rapid adoption. Avalanche’s daily transaction volume crossed 1 million for the first time in January 2022. This represents an increase from just a few hundred transactions per day in January 2021 and is almost equal to the 1.2 million transactions daily averages seen on Ethereum so far this year. Additionally, Avalanche currently offers 175 blockchain projects — including an array of video games, NFT marketplaces, and DeFi protocols — and ranks second among DeFi ecosystems, with approximately $11 billion invested in blockchain. Going forward, as these dApps and DeFi products attract more developers, consumers, and investors to the platform, the demand for the AVAX crypto could rise, driving up its price. If given enough time, Avalanche could surpass Ethereum in price and popularity in the long run. Content proposed by our partner Miroir Magazine. More about the author: Almmaye Alm Maye has been a trader and analyst since 2013. He is an expert in equity markets, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. He is the creator of Almvest.com and Imveste.com, two sites dedicated to finance. Additionally, he participates in the development of featured articles on various sites such as Actions-boursieres.fr, as well as the international network of Finixio.com. https://crypto-academy.org/can-avax-be-the-next-ethereum/?feed_id=4012



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