GeckoTerminal Review — One of the Most Promising Charting Tools

What is GeckoTerminal?

What Makes GeckoTerminal Unique?

How Does GeckoTerminal Work?

What Makes GeckoTerminal Unique?

GeckoTerminal Drawbacks

The Future Of GeckoTerminal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is GeckoTerminal Safe?

Should I Use GeckoTerminal?

Is GeckoTerminal Reliable?


  • It’s been a few months since CoinGecko’s co-founder released GeckoTerminal, an advanced charting tool developed by CoinGecko’s co-founder.
  • Compared to other DEX tools and competitors, GeckoTerminal has a more aesthetically pleasing UI.
  • GeckoTerminal mainly reads data from Ethereum, Polygon Phantom, and other chains before they compile and interpret it.
  • Other platforms, such as PooCoin, lack user-friendliness, a good user interface, and a good user experience, which sets GeckoTerminal apart.
  • The lack of features is normal for a new project like GeckoTerminal, which is still in its alpha version.
  • GeckoTerminal supports over 20 EVM chains and 100 AMMs (Automated Market Makers).



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