How Can Amulet Improve the Solana Ecosystem — Review

What Is Amulet?

How Can Amulet Improve Solana?

  • Risk Underwriting — how to acquire assets in order to effectively underwrite risks.
  • Product Offering and Distribution — what types of risks are insured, how to identify and price them, and how to distribute products to consumers.
  • Claims — ways to determine claim outcomes and manage claim payouts.
  • Capital Management — how to manage platform capital to maintain adequate reserves.
  • Tokenomics — how value is created and distributed to token holders.


  • Amulet Protocol is a decentralized insurance protocol built for the Rust-based ecosystem, starting with the Solana blockchain.
  • The goal of the platform is to make risk management and growth as easy and reliable for users and protocols as possible.
  • Amulet wants to apply specialized pricing models for a variety of goods, including risk-based smart contract insurance and stablecoin de-peg insurance.
  • Amulet’s revolutionary, open insurance model tackles the fundamental concerns with decentralized insurance and allows the crypto-insurance sector to change.
  • Amulet will make significant strides in the evolution of the Solana ecosystem if it is able to develop a secure and efficient insurance protocol.
  • A risk management tool will also allow larger and more significant initiatives to flourish inside the ecosystem, increasing Solana’s reputation.



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