How to Buy Pluton ($PLU) — Step-by-Step Guide

What is Pluton (PLU)?

How to Buy Pluton?

Step 1: Create an Exchange Account

Creating a KuCoin Account.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

Depositing Crypto to your KuCoin Account.
Buying USDT with your KuCoin Account.

Step 3: Purchase $PLU

Trading PLU/USDT in KuCoin.

Buying $PLU with Plutus DEX

Step 1: Create a Plutus Account

Creating a Plutus Account.

Step 2: Deposit Fiat to your Plutus Account

Transferring Funds to your Plutus Account.

Step 3: Install MetaMask & Create a Wallet

Creating a MetaMask Wallet.

Step 4: Connect MetaMask with Plutus

Connecting MetaMask with Plutus.

Step 5: Buy $PLU

Buying Pluton (PLU) in the Plutus DEX.


  • Pluton (PLU) is the native token of Plutus, a finance application that provides several bank services much more efficiently.
  • You can buy Pluton in various exchanges, including Plutus DEX, KuCoin, Huobi Global, HitBTC, Hoo, CoinW, UniSwap, etc.
  • To buy $PLU in KuCoin, you need to create an account, verify it, fund it with USDT or buy USDT, create a trading password, and then trade USDT with PLU.
  • To buy $PLU in Plutus DEX, you need to create a Plutus Account, deposit Fiat, connect to your MetaMask wallet, and finalize your purchase.



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