How to Spend the Value of Your Crypto Without Selling It?

What Is The Nexo Card?

How To Get A Nexo Card?

Step 1: Create A Nexo Account

Step 2: Activate Your Nexo Card

Step 3: Modify Your Nexo card

How Does The Nexo Card Work?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Can I Use The Nexo Card?

Is The Nexo Card Worth It?


  • Nexo has unveiled its Nexo Card with Mastercard’s help. It lets users use cryptocurrency without selling it.
  • For new investors, obtaining this card is a straightforward process.
  • With Nexo’s credit lines, you can get cashback on purchases with APRs as low as 0%.
  • There are no restrictions on how much money a user may use as long as he or she has an active credit line.
  • The card is available throughout the EEA (European Economic Area).
  • To use the virtual card, you must first link it to an Apple Pay or Google Pay account, which is simple to do.



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