PinkSale Finance Launchpad — Everything You Need to Know About It!

What is PinkSale Finance?

In essence, PinkSale Finance is a launchpad protocol that allows its users to create and launch tokens in a matter of minutes. Although it initially offered services only on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it currently supports 6 other blockchains as well. PinkSale Finance supports the Ethereum network, Polygon network, KuCoin network, BSC network, Avalanche network, Fantom network, and Cronos network. This makes it one of the few launchpad protocols that support such a wide range of blockchains. Nevertheless, this platform is still heavily focused on projects operating on BSC. Until today, they have raised more than $396 million in liquidity for more than 8700 projects, attracting nearly 1 million investors.

PinkSale Finance Launchpad

PinkSale allows users to create launchpads for their crypto projects. What makes PinkSale even better is the fact that it even allows users to create their own token. Through PinkSale’s platform, you can create your own token in just seconds. This makes it one of the few platforms that offer such a service. [caption id=”attachment_24366" align=”alignnone” width=”1902"]

Creating a Token on PinkSale Finance
  1. Providing DeFi Launchpad Info
  2. Adding Additional Project Info
  3. Reviewing and Finalizing
Creating a Launchpad on PinkSale Finance


  • PinkSale Finance is one of the ever-growing launchpad protocols that offers a very high level of security.
  • You can create your own token, launchpad, or airdrop through PinkSale.
  • PinkSale Finance supports 7 blockchains in total, with Binance Smart Chain being the main one.
  • To keep things short, PinkSale Finance is a launchpad protocol that aims to help build the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
  • PinkSale Finance is powered by their native token, PINKSALE, alongside BNB.
  • Its launchpad services are amongst the best in the market and the full package costs only 1 BNB.



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