RailGun Price Prediction 2022 and beyond: Can RAIL reach $1?

Rail Gun (RAIL) Fundamental Analysis

How does Railgun work?

  1. ADD: This allows the transfer of assets into RAILGUN. This makes the creation of a new zero-knowledge note that will represent the owner of the assets and his assets. This step originates from the outside of the system and is not itself private but is the first step towards creating privacy. The note gets added to the live pool.
  2. SPLIT: This option turns single or multiple zero-knowledge notes into two further zero-knowledge notes. The input notes get shifted from the live pool to the dead pool, and the output notes take their place in the live pool. These movements are done in zero-knowledge. The user has to prove his ownership of the input notes and that the input notes are unused without revealing the actual notes. This method can be used as a way to transfer funds. This can be done by setting another owner for one of the newly created notes to hide the accurate intent of the split.
  3. REMOVE: This action destroys a note to move the assets from RAILGUN to an arbitrary address. The user has to prove the ownership of the destroyed note in zero-knowledge without revealing the actual note. Although this step does not reveal the identity of actual users and says that the funds came from the Railgun system, but shows the number of funds and the address of transfer of funds as the receiver is outside the system.

Railgun Tokenomics

  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of tokens got allocated to its airdrop for the donors, who gave charities for privacy on the ETH network, the TOR Project, the Right to Privacy Foundation, and the Free Software Foundation.
  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of tokens were also distributed among a registered nonprofit charity named ‘The Right to Privacy Foundation’ for the initial development of this project and to support the long-term benefit of the project. They used them to promote the platform and its future development, in addition to incentivizing developers.
  • The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the token are locked and unminted in DAO. Only the Rail token holders can vote to mint them.

Railgun Future Plans

  • For deploying the Railgun on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and the core of Railgun with reference frontend.
  • Regarding verification capabilities of the batch, transactions to make cheaper internal & swap transactions.
  • For Railgun DEX, the RAILYSWAP.
  • To allow transaction fees in a token different from transacted currency.
  • To support private NFT, fully private NFT auctions, and voting through NFT stakes.
  • For the deployment of the Relayer network, Solana Railgun (SOLRAIL) and Polkadot Railgun (DOTRAIL).

RAILGUN (RAIL) Price Analysis

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Railgun Price Prediction 2022

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RailGun Price prediction 2022 - 2026 chart

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How To Buy Railgun

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Select a Payment Method

Step 3: Buy BTC

Step 4: Sign up on an Altcoin Exchange

Step 5: Deposit BTC

Step 6: Buy RAIL

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rail a Good Investment?

Can Rail Reach $1?

Where To Buy RAIL token (RAIL)?


  • Railgun is a smart contract system that runs on Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK-SNARK) technology to provide privacy and security to cryptocurrency and DeFi users.
  • It removes the wallet addresses of users during all of your actions and transactions on blockchains, earlier where your information used to be available to the public for view.
  • It makes its users enjoy privacy while not only trading but also adding liquidity with Decentralized Applications (dApps).
  • Railgun is directly based on the Ethereum mainnet that adds extra steps linked to additional layer two infrastructure and removes the security risk.
  • Several ERC-20 tokens, including RAIL, USDC, renBTC, and remZEC, can be easily used on it, while more tokens will be added in the future through governance vote.
  • RAILGUN protects the users’ privacy by keeping their actions confidential and gives anonymity by keeping their identity secret.
  • RAIL is a good investment with the privacy, security, and right to governance it provides to its users.
  • RAIL can surpass $1 in 2022.
  • The maximum price of a Railgun can be $3.3 in 2023.
  • The maximum RAIL price can be $6.4, and the average price can be $4.7 throughout the year.
  • Railgun price can have a price as low as $5 and as high as $9 in 2026.
  • You can buy Railgun from exchanges like BKEX, Uniswap (V3), CoinEx, SushiSwap, and Bancor Network.



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