Secret Network Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond — Will SCRT Eventually Reach $100?

Secret Network (SCRT) Fundamental Analysis

Secret Contracts

Secret Token (SCRT)

The secret Ecosystem

Secret NFTs


  • Secret Lottery — works similarly to a normal lottery. Users can purchase one ticket or buy them in bulk, they choose 6 digits per ticket, and the winning ticket is chosen based on the order of the matching numbers. For example, let’s say that the winning number is 657854, those who match the number 6 get a prize, those who match on 65 get a bigger prize, and so on. However, if you do not match on the first digit yet match on the other digits, you do not get a prize.
  • Secret Terra Bridge — this is a collaboration between the Secret Network and Terra. Both parties should be able to profit from this collaboration. Terra can benefit from Secret’s privacy features that appeal to its users. Secret wants to get Terra users to start using SecretSwap, becoming their go-to blockchain.
  • Orbem Wars — is a Play to Earn (P2E) Tower Defense game. Users can play this game in modes such as Single-player, Event, League, and Contract. In addition, it allows the winners to earn NFT, so it is expected to be very popular amongst users.


  • 75M (44.12%) reserved for the community.
  • 36M (21.18%) reserved for the team (Past, present, and future).
  • 30M (17.65%) reserved for the Enigma and affiliates treasury.
  • 20M (11.76%) reserved for the Ecosystem pool.
  • 1M (0.59%) reserved for the Foundation.
  • 8M (4.71%) reserved for inflation.
Secret Network (SCRT) Tokenomics.

Secret Network (SCRT) Price Analysis

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SCRT Price Prediction 2022

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Secret Network (SCRT) Market Price Prediction

Secret Network (SCRT) Price Prediction 2022.

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Secret Network (SCRT) Price Prediction 2022-2031.

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How to buy Secret Network (SCRT)

Step 1: Choose an exchange that supports SCRT and create your account

Step 2: Deposit your funds

Step 3: Make the purchase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can SCRT reach $100?

Will the price of SCRT increase?

Where can I buy SCRT?

Where can I store SCRT?


  • Secret Network (SCRT) is the first cryptocurrency to offer completely private smart contracts.
  • If users wish to share their transaction details with a third party, they can create and utilize a “viewing key.”
  • Secret Network nodes utilize the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
  • Secret Contracts have been designed to protect their users’ privacy by default.
  • Movie director Quentin Tarantino wants to be involved in the creation of the Pulp Fiction NFTs.
  • Secret Network is planning on releasing two games during this year; Secret Lottery and Orbem Wars.
  • SCRT could hit $100 during 2028 or 2029.



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