What is Pluton — Everything You Need to Know About PLU!

What is Pluton (PLU)?

The Plutus Card

Plutus Reward System

Plutus Payment Plans

PLU Token Price


  • Plutus is a platform that provides two main products: the Plutus DEX, and the Plutus Visa debit card.
  • The Plutus Visa debit card serves as a common debit card. However, this card supports crypto and even rewards you with crypto anytime you buy something using it.
  • Pluton (PLU) is the token in which the rewards are distributed. This token is an ERC-20 token operating on Ethereum.
  • The reward system of Plutus differs from subscription plans to staking levels. The more expensive the subscription plan, the more rewards you get; and the higher the staking level, the more rewards you get.
  • All in all, investing in Pluton (PLU) might prove to be a good investment. Moreover, using their main product, the Plutus Visa debit card, might be even more profitable.



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