What Is Pump and Dump? — Definition

What Are Pump and Dumps?

Recognizing a Pump and Dump

Unsolicited Offers

Do Your Homework

Look Out for Red Flags

Stock Pumps and Dumps


  • Because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, there are numerous scamming schemes out there.
  • The market for cryptocurrencies has recently emerged as the most recent target for pump-and-dump operations.
  • The pumping part involves users purchasing coins and selling them at a higher price to other members.
  • This is an extremely immoral way of getting money, and the system relies on people’s greed, much like in gambling.
  • Pump and dump systems are frequently shown in famous films such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Boiler Room.
  • Pump and dump techniques in the stock market were much more common in the past than they are today.
  • Always remember that before putting money into any endeavour, it is critical to carry out one’s own independent research first.



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