Why Bitcoin May Not Reach a New All-Time High Until the Next Halving — Review

Current State of the Crypto Market

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Based on Market Capitalization.
BTC/USDT 1-Week Chart.

Bitcoin as the Leader of all Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Halving Explained

Important Historical Turning Points

2021 & Beyond

Other Bitcoin Price Factors

Other Altcoins

Mass Adoption

Legal & Political Factors

Fiat Currencies

Other External Factors

What Next for Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

What to Expect in the Next BTC Halving?

Will Bitcoin Reach $200,000?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many halvings will Bitcoin have?

When is the 2024 Bitcoin halving?

What was the price of 1 Bitcoin in 2009?

What will BTC be worth in 2030?


  • After BTC reached its all-time high, the crypto market has been in a downtrend.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading below $20,000.
  • Bitcoin halving occurs every four years.
  • The next BTC halving will occur midway through 2024.
  • History suggests that Bitcoin halvings have a huge impact on the price of BTC.
  • Other price factors include other altcoins, mass adoption, outcomes in other financial markets, politics, etc.
  • It is expected that BTC may not recover in terms of price until the next halving.
  • Bitcoin may surpass $200,000 by 2025 after the next halving.



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